CPC Touch Life Cells

What is TLC?

  • Touch Life Cell is NOT:
    • a bible study group or a CPC fellowship
  • Touch Life Cell is:
    • Intentional COMMUNITY
    • It is a new way of doing cell group at CPC

Current Open Groups

North TLC

  • We will be meeting:
    • 1st and 3rd Fridays of month 7:15pm @ church
    • 2nd Saturday of month 7:15pm @ house / other location
  • Contact Clement for more details or to join.
  • The TLC program normally consists of:
    • Fellowship (7:15pm)
    • Worship (7:30)
    • Discussion (7:45)
    • Prayer (8:00)

College and Career

  • Click C&C if you are looking for college and career type setting.

TLC Leader Resources

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