As Described by Johnny

  • Touch Life Cell (TLC) is a group of 3-20 people who strive to live out our 4 pursuits together in the neighborhood where we meet.
    1. Evangelism,
    2. Equipping,
    3. Empowerment and,
    4. Enlisting.
  • TLC consist of people from close communities so that we can prayerfully reach out to our neighborhoods. Our desire is to see an increasing number of people in community becoming disciples who reach their community for Christ.
  • We see our TLC groups as small churches that meet in homes all across North Calgary. (Some TLC meet weekly while others meet every two weeks.) When our TLC meet, some may discuss what they have learned from the previous weekend's message and others develop their own learning materials. Most TLC incorporate serving into their schedule. The ultimate desire of our TLC is to make a noticeable difference in our neighborhoods by introducing people to Jesus Christ and helping them become fully devoted followers of Christ.

Key Principles

  • Prayer
  • Commitment
    • to meet regularly
    • priority
  • Connecting at a deep level (REAL community)
    • fellowship with deep trust
      • take risks by allowing others to step into our lives. In so doing, other will allow us to step into their life. In this manner, we can grow-up spiritually by helping/counseling/repenting/ministering to and/or with each others.
      • Have I spent sufficient quality time with you that licence me to speak into your lives.
  • purposed to grow and split
    • how can you contribute to the cell?

Main Topics (for main sessions)

Every new cell should start with these topics before moving into their own material.

  1. Fellowship (2 weeks)
  2. was there a topic in between here? (I missed 1 week)
  3. Purpose (Call of God) (2 weeks)


  • Cell Development / group dynamic (4-Mings): Forming → storming → norming → performing
  • Johari Windows: I Know, You Know (Open space); I Know; You Don’t Know (My secret); I Don’t Know, You Know (My blind spot) and I Don’t Know, You Don’t Know (God help me). We need to work on these areas. Let us help each other to be transparent.
  • Hot coals
    • when a coal is one it own, it cools off
    • when you put back with the other coals, it reignites
    • we need to be with other Christians
    • we need to pray together
  • Leadership:
    • Qualifications for a leader:
    • Duties of a watchman:
    • Jesus is a true example of “Servant-Leadership”. Let us humble ourselves and learn to serve each other irrespectively of our position.
    • John 14:12, “Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the work that I do shall he do also”. So the concept of “Let me show you what I do so that you can do also.”
  • 5 fold ministry (hand)
    • Thumb - Apostle
    • Index finger (Pointer) - Prophet
    • Longest - Evangelist
    • Ring finger - Pastor
    • Pinky (balance)- teacher
  • Revival
    • Recognition → dissatisfaction → dependence on God → repentance → revival

Materials and Resources

Group Tracking

Leading your Group



  • Full group meeting
    • After you get through the 1st fellowship topic (about committment)
      • Split into subgroups for discussions
      • Try to get people to commit to meeting once every two weeks
        • people will prefer once per month, but insist on atleast once every 2 weeks.
    • Then after a few sessions (say 2 sessions), add coffee times once per week for the subgroups.
      • Ask one person in each subgroup to coordinate.
      • Some of the groups will fail. That is ok.
    • Then after a few sessions (say 4 sessions), ramp up to full group meetings every week.
      • Some people won't be able to commit. That is ok.


  • Full group meeting
    • Short worship (2-4 songs), teaching/discussion, snacks / community time (most important)
  • Mini sub groups (3-4 people)
    • Meeting once every week. Coffee or lunch.
    • Casual chatting that leads into deep discussion / sharing.
    • Start inviting your relatives & friends to this non-threatening environment where we can share about our lives, our work, our family and our joys.

Create a Schedule

  • after you are on a weekly schedule, create a schedule that includes:
    • dates / times / venue
    • responsibilities
      • worship
      • hospitality
      • snacks
      • leader

Create a directory

  1. Contact (both mobile & home)
  2. Home Address
  3. Date of Birth (no need for year if you have decided to leave it out). For outreach birthday parties.

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