Website Ministry

If you wish to get involved in the website work, please contact Jackson.
No technical background is needed. The site is built on top of a wiki (like wikipedia).
We need photographers, copywriters(chinese and english), and people to fill in the information blanks.

  • Thank you to all those who have helped with content and such. :)
  • Admins, please do not add user accounts without first contacting Jackson.

Website Admin Announcements

  • Jan 6.2015: Jackson - Updated the menu icons. Let me know if you see any issues.
  • Jul 06.2011: Jackson - I have added an ACTION tag. Just type “action” in uppercase and you will get the nice icon. This is great for meeting minutes and such.
  • Jan 02.2011: Jackson - Please don't use the discussion plugin. The spam bots are passing the captcha filter.
  • Apr 22.2008: Jackson - We are on a new web host now called Hopefully things will be a lot more stable.
  • Dec 31.2007: Jackson - If you notice something broken FIXME or missing on the website add

    so people notice it and fix it :)

  • Dec 15.2007: Jackson - I have added a discussion plugin so you can leave comments on pages.
  • Nov 02.2007: Jackson - If you can help with content/translation please contact me! :)
  • Oct 29.2007: Jackson - Florence has updated the YAC page
  • Oct 24.2007: Jackson - I updated the news page so it is easy to upload a new weekly bulletin file (pdf).

General Use and Stylesheet

  • Because the website will be edited by many editors it is critical for all editors to submit to the same style guide to maintain a consistent look & feel. Otherwise each part of the website will look different than every other part confusing & frustrating users & other editors.
  • This styleguide does not need to be followed strictly. But your page will not fit into the CCPC website well unless you follow atleast the main parts. If you have any concerns of questions, please contact Jackson.


1. The navigation box should not be modified without approval from Jackson :)


2. Text should not be colored
3. Use font modifiers (bold, italic, underline, bigger size etc.) sparingly
4. Left justified (this is the default, i.e. do not justify center or right)


5. No giant pictures please
6. Left justified (this is the default, i.e. do not justify center or right)


7. Page title should be at the top set to H1. Page sections start with H2
8. Section appropriately. Minimize levels of sectioning.
9. Please do not use html/php for layout purposes. ex) Tables etc.


  • The content must have the permission of the creator to be on put online. For ex. if a recording was made of special speaker his/her permission must be gained before uploading the audio. Other examples: if someone wrote a story or took a photograph.
  • Personal information (personal meaning anything that differentiates one person from the next) like names, email addresses, telephone numbers, street addresses, etc. must have the permission of the person to be put online. If there is any doubt a piece of information is personal, ask for permission, or check with your Jackson.
  • Avoid putting financial information (church or personal) online. Remember putting something on the website means anyone in the world can view it. Sometimes financial information can be sensitive.
  • Keep security in mind. Don’t reveal anything you don’t want the whole world to know. Ex. where you put the spare keys to the church.

Website Helpers Tips

  • mess around ← go here to mess around with wiki code and get used to the syntax.
  • Make sure you use headings <h1> <h2> for sections.
  • When you upload pictures (via the image button in the edit screen) use the “images” namespace/folder. Use namespaces to stay organized.
  • You'll notice when editing that there is an “Old Revisions” button at the bottom. So you don't have to worry about making mistakes or accidently erasing your data! :)
  • Change your password by clicking “Change Profile” in the bottom left menu while logged in.
  • Subscribe to specific pages if you wish receive email updates when the page is modified (like this one).
  • To clear the cache use purge=true. ex)

Design Docs

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