Touch Life Cell Leadership Resources

  • This page is meant for us to share ideas and best practices in running successful cells.
  • Remember each group is different and you need to adjust to meet the needs of your group.


  1. Intentional Community
    1. Relationship building
    2. Fellowship
    3. Runs through everything
      1. Be together
      2. Learn together
      3. Grow together
  2. Growth (in numbers)
    1. The cell should split

Planning / Admin

Forming a Committee

  • When starting out you want a committee of atleast two people.
    • A good administrator (to handle scheduling, reminders etc)
    • Someone relational or outgoing (someone who understands social/group dynamics and is good at connecting with people)
  • It's bonus to get people who are:
    • good teachers
    • worship leaders / instrumentalists

Forming a group

  • start with a social (kick off) event event so people can connect and meet with each other
    • send an invite but then touch base personally with each person
    • at the first event
      • tell them why you are starting a group
      • encourage them to connect, it will be awkward at first
      • find out which day of the week works best for people
  • after a few events
    • ask people how they can contribute
      • hosting
      • worship
      • teaching
    • start a rotating schedule of hosts, worship leaders, etc…
      • make a directory with contact info / addresses etc
      • if your cell is on a weekend, skip weekends that have holidays like Mother's day etc…






What's the point of having purposes if you don't evaluate if you are fulfilling your purposes?

Fulfilling your purpose of building community

Remember to build community, time must be spent together connecting.

  • if the program/teaching takes the entire time, this will not happen.
    • Try to integrate community building into the program as well.
      • Encourage sharing and discussion during the teaching time.
      • Encourage prayer for each other.
      • Split into smaller groups to discuss things.
  • North group allots 1/2 the time to pure chit chat, socializing and snacks. We find it works well.

Fulfilling your purpose of growth

To grow, you need:

  • new comers
    • so you need to have events where people are comfortable and encouraged to bring new comers (friends, coworkers).
  • new leaders
    • always encourage people to get involved in whatever way possible (hosting, worship etc)
    • if everyone is serving (like a leader), it will be easier to split
  • to evaluate and adjust
    • every group will be different
    • solicit feedback.
      • know when to act immediately
      • know when the feedback is biased
      • know what's best for the group
      • know when you are wrong and listen to the group.

Events we had

  • potluck. Had new comers/non regulars.
  • board games. Had new comers/non regulars.
  • serving/volunteering.
  • movie night.
  • movie clip (the bible mini series) with discussion.
  • extended worship and prayer.
  • easter egg gift making (making eggs, praying over them and giving them out).

8 Key Habits

The eight habits can take a small-group leader, and those under him or her, to a new level. Whether an apprentice leader, a novice small-group leader, a seasoned leader, a coach of group leaders, a director of a district of groups, or a pastor of a large small-group ministry, these eight habits will work and lead to fruitfulness and multiplication. You'll also experience greater fulfillment in your ministry.

The eight habits of effective small-group leaders are:

  1. Dream of leading a healthy, growing, multiplying group.
  2. Pray for group members daily.
  3. Invite new people to visit the group weekly.
  4. Contact group members regularly.
  5. Prepare for the group meeting.
  6. Mentor an apprentice leader.
  7. Plan group fellowship activities.
  8. Be committed to personal growth.

To learn more about these eight habits, see the book 8 Habits of Effective Small Group Leaders, Dave Earley

Old Planning

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