The Call of God (Part 1)

Questions for discussion

  1. Why does God call us (at this time)? Me specifically?
  2. What is God's plan for me (now)?
  3. What are you Seeking for right now?


  • To be His hands and feet
  • He wants us to participate
    • for blessing
    • character building
    • fulfillment

from Johnny

  1. 1 John 5:19 - The world is in darkness
  2. Matt 9:36 - God's people are hungry and in need
  3. Eph 3:10-11 - To prove His wisdom
  4. John 4:35 - Because time is short

Questions for homework

  1. What happens when God calls me?
  2. Where am I now? Spiritually? Be honest.

The Call of God (Part 2)

  1. Ask yourself, “Who am I”?
    • brain dump / brain storm
      • list out all the things you are. Ex) father, worship leader etc…
      • of the things on the list, how many are related to the Lord? This should define who you are in God.
  2. Should I respond to God's calling?
  3. What shall I do? Who shall Equip me?
      • Who made me? -God.
      • If God made us, it must be for a purpose
      • If God made me, will God fail me in that purpose? -No.

Why do we fail then?

  1. We don't know our purpose.
  2. We know our purpose, but refuse to execute that purpose
    • not equipped
    • reject it
    • because of past experiences
  3. We knew our purpose, started to execute, but failed because of our folly.
    • Things get in our head
    • environment
    • complacency, laziness
    • 3Gs - Gold, Glory, Girls/Guys
      1. Gold
        • repent
      2. Glory
        • compete for followers
        • ex) Prophecy. “Dost sayeth the Lord” vs “I believe God wants me to share this will you, but test it out.”
      3. Girls/Guys
        • victims of sexual immorality
        • hidden under carpet, until there's a hill big enough to trip over.
      • repent immediately. Humble yourself.
        • instead of lying. It takes 10 lies to over every lie. 100 to cover 10 etc…
        • “unteachable”

ineffective prayer / ministry?

  1. unrepentant sin
    • without repentance, we stand accused by the devil.
  2. repent! very simple and easy
    • why is it so difficult? to say sorry?

Who will teach me? Equip me?

  1. Who will teach me? Equip me?
    1. Holy Spirit
      • you have to open up to the holy spirit
    2. People

Holy spirit

  1. Why are so many Christians still babies?
    1. you need to invite the holy spirit
    • ex) Mark 3(:15?). Healing the sick. Power. Exercise it.
    1. are you the wheat or the weeds (chaff)
      • distinguished by the fruit.


    • people
    • 5 fold ministry (hand)
      • Thumb - Apostle
      • Index finger (Pointer) - Prophet
      • Longest - Evangelist
      • Ring finger - Pastor
      • Pinky (balance)- teacher


  1. We are made by God
  2. We are made for a purpose
  3. God will not fail us in that purpose

If God has sent us, He will “interrupt” our lives. “Shake us” to move.

Questions for discussion

Encourage, Equip and serve (CPC theme)

  1. Encouragement
    • What tools do we have at CPC for encouragement
    • what can we(I) do?
  2. Equiping at CPC
    • what?
    • for what purpose?
    • what can we do?
  3. Services?
    • what?
    • What can we do?
    • purpose? measurable?


  • be intentional
    • earning a license to enter someone's life.
  • get trained

The Call of God (to be a leader) - Apr 20, 2013

  • Pope Francis asked the Bishop…
    • Have I considered which idol in my life has prevented me from worshiping God?
    • Do we worship the Lord? or do we only turn to Christ when we have needs.
    • We need to get rid of the small idols hidden in us.
      • ambition, political views
    • if you do not have empathy towards the poor, you need to examine your heart

Wait Upon the Lord

  • as soon as we are born again, we called to be leaders in the Kingdom of God
  • we are all leaders. But are we unlocked?

Why are we not able to realize the leadership attribute in us?

  • P.Laing: Honest insecurity
  • Tony: Doubts - not knowing who you are. Ability.
  • Jackson: Distractions of the world
  • David: Insecurity. Not knowing if you are doing the right thing, the thing God wants. Fear of making a mistake.
  • too much emphasis on myself.
    • He gives power to the faint
    • We need to humble ourselves. Remove our pride. Repent.
  • We need to be broken before God, depending on Him.
  • easier if you have a council or support group to share with
  • P. Laing: Best book on brokenness: A Tale of Three Kings
  • The devil is working hard to attack leaders in God's Kingdom

How to I die to self

  • Catherine Kuman: “I die a thousand deaths everyday”
  • Paul was a rising star to become a pharisee
    • → sent to gentiles
  • Peter was uneducated.
    • → sent to the Jews. Why was he sent instead of Paul.
  • We can be effective an powerful if we can learn to be broken
    • we need to feel vulnerable
    • absolute dependence on God
      • how do we get there?
      • Jenny: attitude: It's not about you, God is working through you.
      • Jackson: do something you can't do on your own. It forces you to be dependent on God
      • Gren: always pray first
      • We need to search our heart before God
        • need to be broken and humble
        • not natural thing for people
        • God will bring painful circumstance to humble us
          • don't resist it. The more you resist, the worse it gets.
          • He will give you only as much as you can carry.
        • you will emerge stronger and you can help others in the same situation.
          • and He will provide. Jehovah Jireh.
      • We need to pray.
        • God, what is the essential thing in my life?
        • His will

Why are we called sheep?

  • why doesn't God call us lions or eagles?
  • lambs?
    • defense less, dumb
    • they get lost easily, because they are very curious.
    • you can't drive them, you lead them
      • sheep need to be led
      • there are many sheep around each of us who need to be led
      • hopefully one day the sheep becomes a leader
  • engaged with the Cell Group (12 people max)
  • be faithful for that season


  1. Humble yourself down
  2. Depend on god
    • Wait on Him in prayer.
  3. Let god establish his will
  4. God will provide
  • We are all leaders (in the making). But are we unlocked?
    • How do we unlock the potential?
      • very much depends on ourselves
      • allow brokeness in our lives. Meekness. Matthew 5:5 - you will inherit the earth.

Group discussion

  • articulate the life Mother Teresa. Think about an attribute of her life.
    • selflessness
    • humbleness
    • faithful service
    • love and compassion
    • committed
    • seeing the poor as God sees.
    • knows what is important
    • super human, died to self
  • Mother Teresa and Princess Diana died around the same time.
    • contrast their lives.
    • Di: Royalty, fame and riches
    • Mother Teresa: Nobel prize

Home work

  • read and meditate on Isaiah 14
  • think about how I can humble myself before God.
  • think about how I can be broken before God.

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