Hearing God's Voice (June 15, 2013)

No Pain No Gain

Patiently Endure

  • Luke 3:16-17, Eph 6:13-14, Heb 11:35-38, The 1st sign of an apostle us one who is still standing when everyone else has fallen down fro the pressure, discouragement or hopelessness situation.
  • Five types of baptism
    1. baptism of repentance
    2. of water
    3. baptism of holy spirit
      • 9 gifts. 8 for serving other.
    4. with fire (ongoing)
      • burn away chaff. Ex) consistency in serving God, character, procrastination, fear of failure/rejection
      • ask for it just like baptism of holy spirit
    5. baptism of martyrdom
      • death while serving
  • serving God out of convenience won't disturb the devil. When will you become a target?
    • Serving god for various purposes
      • there were crowds following Jesus for various motives
        • food, rub shoulders with healer, rub shoulders with important people.
        • for recognition, titles. “Deacon”, “Pastor”
    • 3 types of serving
      • are we called?
      • are we chosen?
      • are we faithful to serve?
        • just because we become clergy, does not mean we are faithful.
    • How do we acquire the armour?
      • word of God
      • through experience
    • Christianity is not a commodity. We need to find a way to revive our hearts to serve.

1. Who Tests & Tries Us

  • Who tries us? God or Satan? Psa 11:5
    • Parents test their kids.
  1. Job's Suffering Permitted by God. Job 19:21, 13:15, 1 Cor 10:13
    • Wife and kids loved God. Homework: Think about it.
    • Will Job love God when he loses all his blessings? Baptism by fire.
    • Job did not blame the devil.
      • What have I done that has displeased you God? Teach me so I can be in your favour again.
        • This is how we should pray (most of the time).
        • If it's in your domain (kingdom). If anything happens here, you are in control. Devil can't come in unless you sin against God (allow crack). Anything in your domain, God has to give permission to the devil. Results in burning away of Chaff.
        • Strongholds are different. Based on spiritual mapping. You are an aggressor taking the enemies territory. Waging war against the enemy, praying against strongholds. Fasting and praying is needed and spiritually intense.
          • Have I put up a defence system in my house before becoming and aggressor. Sword is only offensive piece in whole armour.
    • God will not let you have it beyond what you can bear. It's ok to say I don't know, to ask for help, to take the escape route. Don't let pride get in the way.
      • The moment we let pride get in the way, we are putting our Glory before the Lords.
  2. Tests & Persecution Promised. 1 Pet 4:12, 2 Tim 3:12, Matt 5:10
    • Why are we surprised? If you don't expect it, you won't be prepared. Prepare by depending on God, building our defenses (like we learned earlier in Eph 6).
      • in prayer and fasting.
    • You will be persecuted if you want to serve the Lord.
    • We need to recondition our thinking and build up our defense system (fasting and praying, hearing God's voice, having a close relationship with God).
    • ”…for theirs is the kingdom of heaven”. What does this mean?
      • Everything. So many blessings you can't hold (Habakkuk)
      • It is worth it.

OUT OF TIME (June 29, 2013)

  1. Eagles Example. Deut 32:11
    • nest is made from thorney bushes. Mother eagle uses it's own feathers to line the inside of the nest. The baby eagles also stick together for body heat. When the eagle babies get larger, the mother removes the feathers. Then the eagles have to leave or stay warm and be poked. Eventually the mother eagle will put the baby onto it's back and soar into the sky. Then the mother will suddenly flip and drop the baby. While the baby is falling and trying to fly, the mother will fly underneath and catch the eaglet. Eventually the eaglet will learn to fly by itself.
    • We must learn to ride on God's back, to depend on God to learn to fly. We must let the poke of the thorns remind us we need to fly.

2. Why Does God Test & Try Us

  1. Pressure Produces Enlargement. Psa 4:1 (David's folly)
    • Our capacity has been tested and we can fit more. David and Bathsheba
  2. Trials Prove & Humble us. God wants to discover whether we serve Him because we love Him or whether we serve Him for all the blessings He gives us, and/or other motive. Deut 8:15-17, James 5:10-11
  3. Suffering Can Increase God's Power in Us. If you seek God's power in your life, you must understand what is required to have it. 2 Cor 5-10:
    • 3 lessons = (1) Beware of pride, (2) Depend on God, (3) Rejoice in Trials. Rom 5:3-5.
  4. Affliction Separate the chosen from the Called. Isa 48:10, “I have chosen thee in the furnace of affliction.” Matt 20:16, “Many are called and few are chosen”. Why? Rev 17:14. Trial move from called to chosen to faithful.
  5. Suffering teaches obedience. Heb 5:8, 12 6-8;
  6. Trials produce perseverance and maturity. Jam 1:2-4
    1. if it is god's dealings = submit Jas 4:7
    2. if it is self induced = learn
    3. if it is an attack of Satan = Fight. Jas 4:7
  7. Trouble tests our faith in God's word. Great man of God endured a fiery trials as a result of hearing instructions from God. The process of trying to implement what God said became very costly for them. Noah, Abram, Moses, and Paul. 2 Tim 2:9-13

3. Maintain a Right Attitude

  • Maintaining a positive attitude in the midst of great sufferring is the key to the triumpant Christian life. 2 Cor 2:14
  1. Recognize God's hand in Every Trial. Act 16:25-26. Ps 32:7-8
  2. Don't murmur Against God. Your response to the circumstances that befall you will determine whether you become buitter or better. God wants you to realize it. Gal 2:20. Your response should be… ACTION get the rest from Johnny.

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