Hello Brethren,

Despite promises of the power of God to change us and the world, many Christians never tap into it. Many seem to have surrendered to live beneath their privileges. At time these situations really puzzle me. It is like God has prepared a banquet but many prefers to squat at a remote corner of a street alley to eat a cold bun. It’s like saying, “I am saved and I am going to heaven, but I want to stay right where I am until then”. How sad! In reality, I think many preferred not to risk giving up the familiar Crayfish for the promises of many Lobsters.

In the book of Act 2, 120 disciples prayed for days. Peter preached for a JUST few minutes and 3,000 men came to accept that Christ as their Lord and Saviour. Today, we pray for 10 minutes and preach in 10 revival meetings, only 10 people came to Jesus. That’s the power of prayers. That’s our choice.

Question: “Are you one of those living beneath your privileges and missing out on your potential by not praying?” We can tap into the awesome power and protection that only prayer provides. Do you know that anyone can become a strong man or woman of pray-er? You don’t have to be a religious man/woman, or a pastor or a clergy. You only need to be a Christian saved by the grace of Christ.

Be a Pray-er and experience the awesome power of God manifesting right in front of your eyes.

That’s the promises of our heavenly Father – an Over-comer with Reward assured. This week we will focus on praying to be a “Pray-er”

It is never too late to be the Man & Woman of God. It’s our choice.

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