Hello Brethrens,

May the glory of God shine upon your face.

For those who are in the CC, I got your address from Leo’s email “jam”. We all love the Lord and that we would like to see CPC growing both spiritually & in number, thus I am extending the prayer drive to a wider audience in the church. I know some of you might not have started praying in a more structured manner and this is your opportunity to enhance this spiritual skills. If you start doing it, you will soon discover that God will, in His miraculous way, start to bless you in every aspect of your life. My family have tasted the Goodness of the Lord.

This week, we will focus our target on church related activities, and the way-forward direction as the Lord lead CPC. Let us sail pass our intellectual comfort and allow the Holy Spirit to carry us to enchanted territory to see His glorious glory. Just simply surrender ourselves into His safe hand. Please open your Bible while reading the scriptures and pray the prayer points. I got spare Bible if you would like to get one from me.

  1. Pray that the Lord will give our Pastor and his team of leaders His vision and programme for this ministry/church for year 2013.
  2. Pray for all the Unit/Departmental leaders, Deacons, Deaconesses, and Ministers that God will put on them the burden of service and love for the brethren.
  3. Ask the Lord to expand the work Himself.
  4. Pray for our Touch Life Cell programmes: WIN, CONSOLIDATE, DISCIPLE & SEND. Pray for the CELL meeting & the training programme. Ask the Lord to help us organize them well and encourage brethren to attend.
  5. Ask God for potential Cell Leaders to arise & take visible responsibility.
  6. Take a stand against all the plans of the enemy against the ministry and members.
  7. Ask God to send us more labourers for the harvest field.
  8. Pray for the Lord’s mercy upon the ministry and members and that His mercy will not be taken for granted. – Rom. 9:16.
  9. Ask God to make available knowledge of worship and seek His anointing to be poured upon the worship team. Pray for the worship leader to receive clear spiritual direction from the Holy Spirit to lead the congregation into the Holiest of Holy.

Please look for prayer partners. In the congregation of 2 or 3 believers there is much spiritual power. Why? God has promised that He will be in our midst.

It’s time to rise up. It’s time to build our church. It’s time to take the community for Christ. This will only be possible when “I” and “YOU” and “WE” decided to rock & roll with the Holy Spirit.

Be blessed,

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