Greeting to you from Den Haag, Netherlands. May the peace of God be upon you.

Each time an awful situations that befall us, as well as the calamities we bring on ourselves by our own foolishness, we tend to question God’s ability to turn them to good. That’s a normal reaction.

From Paul experience he said, “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose” Roman 8:28. We might have difficulty to believe it, but let be assured that Jesus understood our struggle.

We need to deepen our conviction that God really can take the setbacks of life and turn them into springboards by thinking of the cross. That is the supreme example of God’s ability to transform things. He took the foulest event that ever happened on this earth and made it into the most sublime.

The cross bears God’s message, not the message of men. They gave out hate; He gave back love.

If we know that God can do it with the cross, what might He not do with the evil that strikes into our lives? If such a dark deed as the crucifixion was not beyond His power to transform, will the evil things that afflict our lives beat him? His reputation will be at stake. The answer therefore is that for every stumbling block God will make it a stepping-stone for our victory and His glory. God will make a way for us.

Effective Prayer, after all, is a surrender of self-mastery. We relinquish ourselves to God’s sovereign will and all the mysteries it holds. But as long as we want control, we are loath to pray, except the perfunctory way. It is when we feel that we have lost control that we reach out to God in earnest prayer. We pray most fervently when we feel most helpless. As we surrender our will to Him, God will response in a miraculous way – victory over our situation, His way.

So our prayer for this week is to learn to let go of our control on prayer to God and allow Him to be the God of our prayer.

God bless,

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