Hello and Greeting from Calgary.

Arrived home last night with a wonderful Sarawak Laksa dinner by Gren and am looking forward to fellowship with you. Due to jet-leg, am getting up earlier to meditate the word of God, and will share some thought to encourage you.
In Ephesians 6:10, it stated, “Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might”.

When you say, “I can manage this problem by myself, Lord,” God says, “Okay, you do it then.” But when you say, “Help me, Lord! I need You. I cannot do this on my own,” God says, “Good, I have been waiting for you to say that. You cannot, but I can. Now, watch Me!” That is how God is — He loves it when you depend on Him.

You see, when you think that you are strong and don’t need God, He cannot help you. But when you need Him and look to Him, He will not leave you weak and helpless. He comes and becomes the strength of your life. He becomes the breakthrough that you need. So when you say, “I can do something about it,” you are still relying on your human strength. But when you say to God, “I cannot, but You can,” you have just tapped into the real source of your strength — Jesus. And as you rest in His strength, you will see His power manifesting in your life! In every aspects of our life.

Be encourage and be blessed,

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